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good news this morning!
wow it's been a while since i posted. for real..

my good news is - i didn't realize that i didn't need the letter from my therapist before i could 'book' my surgery date! that means, i can 'book' the date (once the money's in order) and continue seeing my therapist and have her write the letter as long as it's before the date itself.

long story.. long (ha)
my last therapist (that i'd been seeing since early january) just totally disappeared on me. without a word. i've called multiple times, left numerous messages for her, sent her many emails... and still... nothing. wtf.. she was ready to write me that letter on the very first meeting with her and now, when i'm ready and i need it, she just floats away. into mid-air. LAME

luckily, a few months ago i got a list of references from a friend. with 'friendly' doctors & therapists in my area! (my old therapist was a 3 hour drive from here.. always had to take a day off of work for it LAMEx2) so, i contacted a therapist from that list & told her my story. she's willing to help any way she can! she's never written a letter like that before but she's gonna help me out anyway :)  i'll be seeing her next month, i think. we both have intensely packed schedules for September.

i'll head to the bank soon. check how much i'm qualified to borrow. my credit is good so i hope it'll be enough for the entire amount of surgery. i need to start saving up again, for the 2 weeks without work that'll come with the surgery, too.

i'm ready! W00T!


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