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guitar time
i'll be sitting in on a band practice in a while. a couple friends i've made recently have been in a band for years & once they found out i played guitar, they immediately said 'uh we definitely think you are way better than our current rhythm guitarist. you should TOTALLY sit in on our practice sometime!"
so, today is that day.
i haven't been part of a band since high school. that was 7 years ago.
i gotta be honest; i'm a little nervous about their expectations, you know? like, them telling me how good i am, then getting there, picking up the guitar, and forgetting what an E chord is or something retarded like that... lol

hopefully, it's all in my head.
i'm excited about this, for real. i've been longing to share music with people for years. you never know. maybe i'll fit right in and the musical outcome will be something we all love!

fingers crossed!

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it actually went SUPER well! i was pretty nervous the whole time lol.
their rhythm guitarist didn't even show up. lame...
but, during a practice break, i played a song or two with the lead guitarist and bassist. they both agreed in saying "that other guy? he's out. you? you're it"

ha! wow.
too bad i'm moving in the next few months. i'd LOVE to be a part of that again.

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