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big trip! (at least for me)
today's the day!
i fly out at 6:30pm and i'll arrive in San Francisco around 11pm
i'm really excited about being in a 'different world' for a few days. even being in DC a month ago felt like i was in a different world than East TN... then again, i think anyone feels like they go back in time when they're in this area.
maybe seeing the west coast will open my eyes to even more possibilities when i'm ready to relocate.
yeah, being around a much larger trans community will be the BOMB! but i just wanna be around people that allow me to feel like a person too. that's my biggest excitement about this trip. feeling like the only transguy in this whole city just makes it feel that much heavier. i think if i didn't feel so singled out, it wouldn't be such a huge ordeal. like my own 'trans-ness' wouldn't be out-weighing everything else in my life. i could focus on things like.. maybe going back to school. putting more work into music. getting a camera like i've been meaning to. maybe some tattoos. and travelling. once i get through the transitional process, all of those things will come to the surface of me no matter where i live.

so, as for this new experience, i'm sure i'll have a lot to say about it. i've been told that once i get out there, i won't wanna come back to the South ha. hopefully this journal will be hearing from me come Tuesday

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I look forward to hearing about your trip when you get back! I've lived on the west coast my entire life (Puget Sound area) and love it! It's a pretty awesome place. I hope you have a good time!

you know, i was born in San Diego but i was 3 when i left and have 0 memory of it!
i am really looking forward to having this experience as an adult, too :)
you'll be hearing about it!

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